Synergy Methodology Goals


The Synergy Methodology is the base approach to delivering services to our clients. It is a combination of some of our best delivery assets into one global integrated methodology. It provides:

  • A scalable integrated collection of assets
  • Consistent vocabulary, level of detail, and presentation
  • Enables tailoring to scale, to provide a unique but consistent cost effective delivery approach for each client


Why a Global Delivery Methodology?


While no two engagements are the same our clients expect us to deliver with a consistent and methodical approach. The Synergy Methodology incorporates TekMetrix practitioners' delivery experience into a single integrated approach for all our engagements. It provides the structure for integrating all our global capabilities including utilizing our AnyShore resources in the delivery of rapid measurable results. The methodology also provides guidance on the use of our Synergy Standard Tools while allowing individual teams the flexibility to use client-mandated tools.

The following is enabled by the methodology:

  • A flexible baseline work plan that defines relationships and integration between the various components of the methodology.
  • Modularity, which allows tightly integrated, well defined "units" of deliverables called activities in a loose pattern (flow chart) that prescribes inputs and outputs. Activities can be sorted or exchanged for units that use different techniques, technologies or approaches. This allows the methodology to be customized and specialized for specific solutions and technologies.
  • A relatively static method that is the prescription for repeatable successful execution


The Methodology Applied


Establishing an Effective Process


  • The Synergy Methodology abstracts the specifics of specialized technologies and techniques. The right assembly of technologies, techniques and deliverable processes takes a trained, experienced practitioner.
  • The Synergy Methodology is the mechanism for a consistent global approach in reaching business objectives efficiently, visibly and effectively.

Planning Carefully to Be Efficient

  • Time invested in an effective plan with clear objectives has repeatedly proven to be the key to successful execution. The Synergy Methodology provides a structured approach to the planning process.
  • While this may appear to require more initial effort than desirable, experience has shown that following these processes will reduce the likelihood of planning mistakes, and result in lower risk and more cost effective rapid delivery.

Measuring Value

The Synergy Methodology incorporates a consistent approach for identifying and then tracking and measuring the value derived from an engagement. Incorporated primarily in the Strategy & Value work stream, these activities are based on our experience delivering and measuring improvement in enterprise value and return on investment.

Consistent Global Delivery

The Synergy Methodology assists TekMetrix in delivering our services globally by:

  • Providing common language, terminology, presentation, and a cohesive delivery culture, which allows TekMetrix to deliver effectively and efficiently wherever our clients are located.
  • Giving our clients confidence in our ability to ensure a consistent global approach that can deliver the same services worldwide with effective and cost efficient resource deployment.


Phases and Work Streams



  • Synergy sequences Activities via a categorization of high-level phases that in some cases are further defined by sub-phases. This structure defines the typical sequence from which a project team tailors the methodology to meet their specific engagement requirements.

Work Streams

  • Work streams are a sequence of activities that are directly related and are most often executed by a team with a specific knowledge base/experience. For example, the Manage work steam defines the activities and deliverables for project and program managers for the lifecycle of an engagement.
  • Work streams articulate our team's respective delivery processes and continue to be refined by TekMetrix's global experience.


Tailoring the Synergy Methodology


  • TekMetrix engagements may leverage the appropriate work streams to address a Solution specific target segment. Specific application approaches, technologies, standards and vendor specific requirements may be supported via additional experienced based assets. These specialized assets are integrated with the Synergy Methodology through the use of Solution Guides and Standards Guides.
  • Individual projects will either begin with a solution or standards guide when available,or tailor the base Synergy Methodology.
  • The Tailoring the Synergy Methodology technique provides the process for tailoring the methodology, specifically the Project Plan Template, to meet the needs of a program or project. It also includes an explanation of the Core Activities that should be used regardless of project type or size on every engagement.


Adapting and Growing


Scaling for Value

  • Projects vary considerably in both scope and duration. Applying inappropriately scaled methods results in low productivity and poor quality. Synergy addresses scalability by including instructions for effective utilization (Adaptation) with each activity. These are designed not to omit necessary elements but rather address them efficiently.

Solution Guides

  • Delivering TekMetrix solutions is supported via Solution Guides that identify the necessary elements of Synergy that have proved effective and necessary for a specific solution delivery. Solution Guides provide the guidelines that further accelerate TekMetrix's delivery process for repeatable successful solution implementation.

Continuous Improvement

  • Continuous Improvement is an integral aspect of Synergy. The Synergy Methodology is a segment of the growing knowledge base and expertise of our experienced practitioners. TekMetrix's approach to knowledge capture and leveraging our team strengths through Synergy represents an improved value proposition with lower risk.

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