Transforming Business Models With AI

Industry disruption arrives with both a cost and risk. CTOs must balance the cost and risk to determine where in the innovation S-Curve they want to adapt to the disruptive technology. Enter early and the potential rewards could be massive. However, entering too early when the disruptive technology is not mature enough could result in a significant loss of core assets.

New business models, simplified business processes with smart predictive and optimizing analytics are key properties of a business transformation journey. Knowledge of today's capabilities helps create an end state target for your business landscape where you can plan, budget and manage projects to competitive change drivers. You need to adopt a basic strategy for analytics including a dependencies roadmap.  Analysis of customer purchase data, competitor data, market data, social data and SKU data mined from corporate ERP transaction systems are required for modernized Financial Planning and Analysis, Commercial Finance and Supply Chain Finance Analytics used for growing or scaling the business ecosystem.

TekMetrix leadership, presence and decision making has the most impact when there are transformational changes in the business environment. When change occurs we lead. Our leadership capabilities that make a difference are:

  • Senior business and technical architects
  • Move forward with focus
  • Understand the power of timing
  • Create a flywheel - use our efforts to initiate change and maintain it
  • Empower people to develop high performing teams

Staffing our teams is purposeful,  we maintain these attributes for our professional services teams:

  • Learning - cognitively and affectively
  • Well designed program and project plans - clear goals and tasks assignments
  • Share experiences - within and outside the team
  • Dynamic -  with the changing market or technology 
  • Diverse and inclusive - optimize team performance with diverse experiences
  • Right size - not over or under staffed
  • Managed - well formed and tooled with experienced skills and technology

TekMetrix Ambidextrous Innovations Matrix

Our methods and solutions enable the design and implementation of new end state corporate performance capabilities. Rapid accelerators derived from client experience and internal research are used to implement a multitude of modern business competencies based on simplified analytical data models, machine learning and clustering, AI, simulation and optimizing algorithms on your financial, logistics and human capital processes. All in memory and in real time with data lake extensions.

We separate the science of creating your strategy and technical road map from the mechanics required to implement. Our recommendations are supported by a detailed financial business case based on Capital, Net Cash Flow and Net Present Value with quantified Capital and Expense investment value against business process cost drivers.  A full CFO view of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We understand the process of technology disruption, and therefore we assist our clients recognize opportunities. Disruption can occur against the incumbents business model or technology in use or both. During the era of disruption many different business models and technologies are used by the industry to satisfy customer needs. Over time a dominant design for an ecosystem of business models and technologies is established. These are satisfying customer needs. After the dominant design is established an era of incremental innovation is established. Innovation will reach the limits of the business model and technology and the industry will mature, over time new business models and technologies emerge and the process repeats itself.

Industry change may happen within the core assets of the organization, within the business model itself or both the assets and business model.

A Model of Industry Distruption and Establishing a Dominant Design

Disruptive Change for an Established and Mature Organization
Business Model - Choices regarding Core Assets - Resources and Capabilities
 - Cost of Production and Profit  - SAP, Compute Platforms & Software
 - Monetization - Molecular, Product Research and Marketing
 - Value Proposition - Supply Chain Execution
 - Customers  - Enterpise AI, ML
Change Management
Business Model Change Change in Assets
 - Harder than Asset Changes  - Challenging
 - Complex  - Function of Investment
-  Change Organization Incentives / Processes  - Can be Performed Internally through R&D
 - Significant Uncertainty of Long Term Growth  - Strategic Acquisitions


Innovate and Manage Disruptive Changes

  • Strategic Mindset: Responding to and Creating Change
  • Encourging an Ambidextrous Organization for Innovation
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  • Ecosystem, compute platform and focal offers strategy
  • Establishing Technology Policies
  • Technology Entry Strategies
  • Creating and Commercializing Ideas
  • Creating New Digitized Business Models
  • Aligning IT Strategy with Corporate and SBU Strategy
  • Trends in Global Technology
  • Industry Cloud Enterprise Architecture and Migrations - S4 Cloud as Digital Core
  • Frameworks and building blocks
  • Business Diagnostics, Machine Learning and Clustering, Deep Learning, Leonardo Anaconda, Python, R
  • IOT and Big Data Use Cases and Solutions Architectures
  • Green, Environmental, Social and Governance for the New Business Era
  • Competitive Implications of the AI Stack
  • SAP and non-SAP AnalticA
  • Leading Innovative Processes
  • Balancing Internal and External Modes of Innovation
  • Technology Acquisitions
  • Demand Planning, Trade and Supply Chain Finance
  • FP&A and Commercial Finance
  • Simplified Data Models for Reporting, Analytics, Predictive and Optimization of Cost and Value Drivers
  • Planning, Forecasting, Variance Simulations and Analysis
  • SAP Enterprise Architecture

TekMetrix LLC is a technology solutions company that provides

management, scientific and technical consulting services.

The company is registered in Houston, Texas.


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