SAP and Web 3.0

TekMetrix Consulting Services assist our clients in strategizing, monitoring external technological developments that can impact your organizations competitiveness and setting up execution programs. We have a unique blend of technical expertise, strategic vision and leadership skills as well as soft skills. Our goal is to clearly to explain to our clients how we will innovate new solutions for them.

We work with all types of business across multiple industries assisting with there technology needs due to vertical or horizontal integration activities. 

TekMetrix creates novel solutions. Novel solutions are derived from product innovations, business process innovations, entering new markets and entering new industries. We provide a balance between Exploitation of existing technologies and Exploration for new novel solutions. Below are our work products:

SAP and Ecosystem Platform Technology Strategy

We strategize with our clients. We identify an enterprise transformation program. It can be as simple as a new SAP platform, cloud version, or a complex deployment of multiple SAP systems, such as CRM, BW, SAC and S4 for trade promotion management. We look at their business problems, their current future state capabilities and desired future state capabilities and work internally to develop a business case for developing or implementing new technologies.

  • Technology Advancements and Change
  • TekMetrix Synegy Methods
  • SAP Innovations
  • Generating and Evaluating Commercial Ideas
  • Entry Strategies
  • Strategic Adaptation and Renewl
  • Ecosystems
Trends in Technology

We monitor technology from all the global resources. We have developed tremendous assets and skills in basic science, basic research, design and engineering. Examples are IOT sensors, AI, ML embedded in SAP applications.  We monitor applied research. We also have a marketing organization which maintains access to databases around the world where information is gathered on new and existing patents, new company startups, and who, in terms of what corporation, is implementing what technology.

  • Machine Learning
  • AI and Competitive Implications
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  • Technology Policy
  • Global Technology Trends
  • The role of Open Source
  • ESG Impacts
  • SAP Roadmap
Execution with Initiatives

We execute by performing a finance and operational risk assessment against detailed project work breakdown structures. We determine with our client if they should be early adaptors or not of a new technology. We may or may not recommend the new technology. We train ourselves by accessing new technical capabilities from large successful SAP organizations through their training programs. We follow all the best practives of establishing a project from initiation to final closure and lessons learned.   

  • Scaling
  • Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive Analytics
  • Leading Innovation and Change
  • Process View of Innovtion and Innovation Tournaments
  • Internal and External Processes of Innovation
  • Platform Acquistions

Ambidextrous Leadership with CxO Integration

Alignment Exploitative Business Processes Exploratory Business Processes
Leadership and roles Authoritative, top down Visionary and involved
Culture Productivity, efficiency, low risk, quality and customers Risk taking, speed, flexibility, experimentation
Organization structure Formal, mechanistic Loose, teams, adaptive
Competencies Supply chain, operational, business processes Entrepreneurial
Critical tasks Incremental innovations, efficiency New applications, products, breakthrough innovations
Strategy and intent Cost and profit Innovation and growth
Measures and rewards Margins, productivity Milestones, growth