Three Decades of SAP Innovations

Throughout our thirty years of management, scientific, technology, and SAP consulting we have led the design and implementation of numerous advanced SAP and non-SAP data models realizing enterprise analytic architectures supporting functional areas for descriptive, predictive, prescriptive analytic reporting. Our analytics have been scaled to support a few users to tens of thousands of global users involving multiple instances of ECC/S4 and BW. With the introduction of the Hana database, most client work we deliver is at the Product SKU level. This includes AI data models. We have developed a deep understanding of the S4 data model, particularly with respect to S4 business partner, master data, BOM, material master, cost and profit centers, inventory movement, variance accounting, cost of goods sold, product pricing, volume forecasting, trade promotions, discounts, warehousing and logistics costing. With our data models we accelerate SKU level deliverables for P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow planning, AOP planning, versioning and analytics. We offer optimization of forecasts, predictions and decisions with AI solutions. Our work has been intricantly involved with the following applications:

  • R3 - ECC - S4 - BW - BWoHANA - BWIP - IBP - SuccessFactors - Ariba - BW4 - Native and Enterprise HANA - SAC - PaPM - Financial Settlements
  • TPM - Hyperion - PaPM - SAC- A4O - Hadoop - Azure ML - SAP PAK, R - Trade Promotion Management - Advanced Trade Management - Customer Business Planning

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TekMetrix has furtherer extended our analytical data models while working closely with SAP, do deliver AI driven business process innovations. The innovations that we embed in SAP business processes and analytics promise to deliver 10-20 times their investment costs. Looking at global businesses financial experts are forecasting trillions of dollars of additional economic activity derived from AI. Immediate benefits are not only capital and expense, but also major improvements in productivity and quality of pricing management, cost of goods sold, revenue, volume, margins, customer management, inventory, discount oprimizations forecasting, decisioning, and prediction.

TekMetrix is a company that has partnered with SAP through the SAP PartnerEdge program to embed and use AI into SAP data models.

SAP PartnerEdge: Building Long-Term Partner Relationships

In the dynamic landscape of enterprise technology, successful partnerships are essential for unlocking innovation, driving growth, and achieving unparalleled success. The SAP PartnerEdge program provides a unique framework for TekMetrix to connect, collaborate, and co-innovate with SAP, a global leader in business software solutions.

TekMetrix as an SAP PartnerEdge Innovation Partner

The SAP PartnerEdge program is designed to support companies as their SAP ecosystem grows and adapts to evolving business requirements and market demands. Here’s what makes this significant advantage for our clients:

  1. Access to Resources: PartnerEdge allows consulting firms across the SAP community to access various product content, system enablement, and program information. This access enhances the functionality and efficiency of their SAP solutions without additional risks or costs.

  2. Open Ecosystem Membership: By joining the SAP PartnerEdge community, consulting firms gain a single entry point to the full program. This simplifies building relationships with other SAP partners, delivering high-quality SAP solutions, and ensuring strategic alignment across teams. TekMetrix has access to BTP allowing the prototyping of solutions before being implemented.

TekMetrix SAP Partner Engagement Models

The SAP PartnerEdge program offers four main engagement models, each tailored to specific partner organizations’ goals and objectives:

  • Build Model:

    • Designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), application developers, and independent software vendors.
    • Allows partners to build solutions on top of existing SAP solutions or integrate with the entire SAP landscape.
    • Partners can create new applications, extensions, and integrations, improving core business operations and accelerating outcomes.
  • Sell Model:

    • Commonly used by reselling and value-added reselling companies.
    • Provides intelligent business solutions for managing the entire customer lifecycle.
    • Enables collaboration between SAP partners within the PartnerEdge network.
  • Service Model:

    • Focused on service providers, system integrators, and consultants.
    • Partners deliver implementation, support, and managed services to SAP customers.
    • Ensures successful project execution and customer satisfaction.
  • Run Model:

    • Targeted at cloud service providers and infrastructure partners.
    • Partners deliver cloud-based services and infrastructure solutions.
    • Supports SAP customers’ digital transformation journey.

TekMetrix and SAP PartnerEdge

As a member of the SAP PartnerEdge network, TekMetrix gains access to on-demand partner demand acceleration resources. These resources help improve marketing effectiveness, generate a stronger lead pipeline, leverage customer references, and execute campaigns that enhance brand recognition and loyalty.

In summary, TekMetrix’s partnership with SAP through the PartnerEdge program positions them to thrive in the ever-evolving technology landscape. By collaborating with SAP, TekMetrix contributes to driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to their clients.


TekMetrix LLC is a company that provides management, scientific and tecnical consulting services. The company is registered in Houston, Texas.

For more information, visit the SAP Partner Portal1.


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